Application Directions

Information for Davidson Students (First year, Sophomores, and Juniors) who are applying for the DRI Summer Research Program

Students interested in applying for the DRI Summer Research Program should begin consulting with a potential faculty mentor early in the fall semester. Examples of successful proposals from past years are available at P:\Academic Affairs\Davidson Research Initiative (authentication required) and for more assistance please see tips for writing proposals.

After consultation with a mentor regarding possible research projects, students should write a proposal containing all of the elements described below. Students are permitted to obtain feedback on the written proposal from their mentor and others; however, the feedback can only be of a general nature. The actual proposal must represent the students' own work without extensive editing by others.

Please complete the new DRI Proposal Application (authentication required) by Friday, Jan. 22, 2016, at 5 p.m. Please fill out the application form and upload your proposal. Email prompts will automatically be sent to your mentor and faculty recommenders once the online Proposal Application has been completed. Your mentor will be asked to write a letter of recommendation and the faculty recommenders will be asked to fill in a recommendation form. All mentor letters and faculty recommendation forms must be submitted online by Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. Completed applications will be reviewed by the Student Study and Research Committee using these rubric guidelines. Awards will be made in February.

Completed proposals should be divided into the following sections, with section headings:

  • Narrative (with the following elements clearly labeled)
    • Introduction (Description of Project) - in 100 words or less describe your project and what you want to accomplish.
    • Justification (Literature or Previous Work) - Why is this work important? (250 words)
    • Methods - How will you accomplish your project goals? (250 words)
    • Preparation - What previous work have you done that prepares your for this project? (preliminary work, relevant course work, previous research experience/creative projects)- (150 words)
    • Dissemination - What are your specific plans for sharing your work both on and off campus? (100 words)
    • Interviews or Surveys - If you are planning to conduct interviews or use surveys, please include a list of interview or survey questions.
  • Bibliography
    • The bibliography should consist of primary and secondary sources that relate directly to the project. Include works that pertain both to the substance of the project and its theoretical or methodological approaches. Evaluators will use the bibliography to assess your knowledge of the subject area.
  • Relationship with mentor: This section should be written in collaboration with your faculty mentor. The faculty mentor's letter should also speak to the relationship.
    • Describe the relationship between you and your mentor throughout the project. Please include the frequency of planned interactions and meeting times, the nature of those interactions or meetings, and other forms of formal or informal communication that will occur regarding the project. You will be asked for the names of your mentor and two additional recommenders on your application form. Your mentor and recommenders will receive an email prompt with instructions once your online Proposal Application has been completed. Your mentor will be asked to write a letter of recommendation and the additional recommenders will be asked to fill in a recommendation form.

For your information, the SS&R Committee will request a pdf of your transcript from the Registrar's Office. We will include your transcript with your application for review by the committee.

If you have any questions, please email Linda Shoaf at in the Center for Teaching and Learning.