• Larry Ligo Art Class

    Prof. Larry Ligo's "Earth Art" course provides students with an opportunity for firsthand experience with garden design.

  • Davidson College Ecological Preserve

    Many professors take advantage of the Davidson College Ecological Preserve, located behind the campus, to conduct research.

  • Psychology Department Neuroscience Lab

    Research is essential for hands-on learning, and undergraduate research experiences are now required for admission to many graduate and professional schools.


Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Opportunities

Davidson has many grants and funding opportunities available for students to apply and complete faculty-guided or independent research.

Davidson Research Initiative

The grant-funded Davidson Research Initiative (DRI) allows first-year, sophomore and junior students to design a research topic, engage with a faculty mentor for guidance and collaboration, and present and publish their findings. During the summer 2014, 33 students conducted research through Davidson Research Initiative grants. Students have explored the earliest memory age, the effect of electronic cigarettes on lung cells, ingredient networks to create recipes, and honor killings in 21st Century Jordan.

Research In Science Experience (RISE)

Research in Science Experience (RISE) is a program for rising sophomores at Davidson  who are interested in careers in science or medicine. RISE is designed for students from groups historically underrepresented in science, including minority, first-generation, and low-wealth students. All students may apply. RISE is a four-week, intensive summer research internship program in the biomedical sciences intended to introduce students to undergraduate research. One of the program's goals is to prepare students for more extensive academic-year and summer research experiences they may seek later. Students receive a scholarship and on-campus housing allowance for successful participation in the program. RISE is funded by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and Davidson College. Contact Mark Barsoum for further information.

The George L. Abernethy Endowment

The Abernethy Endowment supports students who wish to pursue independent research and cross-cultural study in the humanities or social sciences, either in the United States or abroad. Grant support is available through application for both academic year and summer experiences. Twenty-two Abernethy awards in 2013-14 took students to Guatemala to study chronic child malnutrition, The Pacific Crest Trail in California to study hiker's attachment to the trail, and to Wyoming to study horse learning performance. In addition, students engaged in collaborative work with Davidson faculty on how aging affects attention, how health is effected by active transportation, and how peers' behavior influences academic and social outcomes for Davidson College undergraduates. Contact Verna Case for more information. Download and complete the grant application (DOC).

The Bank of America/Kemp Scholars Program

The BoA-Kemp Scholars Program supports independent study, travel and research, typically during the summer. Annually, five scholars, supported by faculty mentors, work independently on a research project of their own design, which can be completed on campus or require travel abroad. In addition, the group of scholars participates with the faculty in an interdisciplinary (non-credit) seminar that links their independent research projects. Kemp projects have included studies of urban revitalization in Detroit, storytelling festivals in England, tree cores from Idaho to inform paleoclimate records, solar electrification of rural Nicaragua, health needs of Latinas in Washington, D.C., and Taiwanese students attending university in mainland China. Contact Mark Foley for more information. Download and complete the grant application (DOC).

Dean Rusk International Studies Program

The Dean Rusk International Studies Program provides several grant-funded opportunities to conduct research abroad in geographic locations of the student's choosing or to specific regions of the world such as Kenya and Peru. Past Dean Rusk grant recipient Edith Nicolaou-Griffin '15 documented youth narratives of the Greek debt crisis that led to an article published in the Huffington Post. Learn more about Dean Rusk grants.

Vann Fellows in Biomedical Research

The Vann Fellows in Biomedical Research funds support two ten-week, summer research internships at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Students do research under the guidance of mentors in the Mayo Clinic's Program in Professionalism and Ethics. Contact Dave Perry.

Davidson Research Network Internships

The primary goal of the Davidson Research Network (DRN) is to provide a summer research experience in an active biomedical laboratory for Davidson students who plan to pursue a career in the health sciences. Each DRN experience is conducted at a health science research institution under the mentorship of a top flight research scientist. Many of the mentors are Davidson graduates who have assumed leadership roles in health science education across the US. A particular aspect of the DRN is the ability to pick a research experience at a location where the Davidson student may be interested in applying to graduate school. This allows the student to evaluate the institution and develop contacts for future recommendations should they apply to that school. DRN sites are available across the country and include New York City, Washington D.C., Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, and Davis, Calif. Competitive stipends are available to support this training. For more information Contact Verna Case.