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The departments of French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Chinese Studies, and Hispanic Studies, Arab Studies, Classics, and Russian Studies rely on student apprentice teachers (ATs) to reinforce and complement the work done in their elementary and intermediate language courses. ATs are expected to teach two 50-minute sessions per week. The hourly pay rate for ATs is the college's "academic rate" and ATs are paid for one hour of preparation for every hour they teach (= 4 hours per week total).

Serving as an AT is one of the most important and rewarding student jobs on campus. In order to be considered, all candidates apply to the AT coordinator (below) in August and are then selected through an application and interview process. Selection is competitive. Criteria include dependability and professionalism, language proficiency, potential classroom presence, interest in foreign language pedagogy, and general promise as apprentice teacher. All ATs must then attend an AT Training and Faculty Development workshop during the first weekend after the beginning of fall classes where they are trained in the theory and practice of proficiency-based second language acquisition (SLA) and form- and content-based teaching techniques. ATs are paid for 12 hours for taking part in the workshop (in August 2015).

All SLA faculty and ATs are enrolled as teachers and are thus equal contributors in a collaborative moodle site for sharing resources and building a digital commons and archive for SLA work at Davidson.

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