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Biology 333

Biology 333 Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience


An advanced examination of neurons and synapses at the cellular, molecular, and genetic levels. Topics include the cellular structure of neurons and glia, neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, the molecular basis of neuronal transmission and memory, and the genetics of behavior. Special attention is paid to current issues such as stem cell transplantation, neuronal regeneration, and neurological disorders. Weekly laboratory sessions emphasize methods to visualize neuronal morphology, growth cone dynamics, and/or synapses.


Biology 111 (Molecules, Genes, & Cells) and completion of at least one of the following upper level courses:  Biology 301 (Genetics), Biology 304 (Molecular Biology), Biology 306 (Developmental Biology), Biology 308 (Cell Biology), Biology 309 (Genomics), and Biology 331/Psychology 303 (Behavioral Neuroscience).