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Classics Major

Classics majors are provided with a broad, interdisciplinary range of courses in all aspects of Greek and Roman civilization. All classics majors receive language instruction in both Greek and Latin, as well as an integrated study of ancient art, history, and literature. Certain courses in philosophy, political science, and religion may also be counted toward the major.

Classics majors are required to take at least 11 courses for the major. The following requirements are for students entering Davidson beginning in 2013. Students entering before 2013 should refer to the College Catalog for major requirements, which differ for those outlined below.

Major Requirements

  • CLA 111 (historical survey of the classical world);
  • One course in Greek (GRE) or Latin (LAT) at the 200 level or above;
  • One course in the other language (LAT or GRE) at any level;
  • Survey in Greek or Roman literature (CLA 121, 122, 211, or 222);
  • Survey in Greek or Roman art (CLA 141, 142, 241, or 242);
  • CLA 480 (senior capstone seminar);
  • Five additional courses (with any prefix) from among those listed in the College Catalog under Classical Civilization, Greek (201 or higher), and/or Latin (201 or higher), including a minimum of two courses prefixed explicitly as CLA, GRE, or LAT and numbered at the 200 level or above. 

Important Notes

  • Students interested in the Classics major should take CLA 111 as soon as possible.
  • Students interested in post-graduate study in Classics should take many more Greek and Latin courses than are required for the major. They should also begin German, French, or Italian.

Honors Requirements

Candidates for departmental honors may be admitted to the honors program provided they have attained an overall grade point average of at least 3.2, an average of 3.5 or higher in the major, and the unanimous endorsement of the department's faculty.

In addition to the regular course requirements for the major, candidates for honors must complete and successfully defend a senior thesis. A student who receives an A- or better on the thesis and maintains the above grade point averages throughout the senior year will receive the department's recommendation for graduation with honors.