East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

The East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor is open to students majoring in any department or program who also wish to pursue the disciplined study of the history, politics, culture and religions of East Asia.


  1. The East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor requires six courses, including the following.
  • Either CHI 120 Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture or CHI 121 Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture or HIS 184 East Asian History, 1800-Present
  • Five other courses, drawn from the list included in the College Catalog or approved by the director of the East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor
  1. Study of an East Asian language. This can be satisfied in one of four ways:
  • Complete two semesters of Chinese at Davidson, or the equivalent.
  • Complete two semesters of another East Asian language through Davidson's Self Instructional Languages Program. (Japanese and Korean have been offered in recent years.)
  • Study an East Asian language other than Chinese during a semester or summer program, with the approval of the concentration director.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in an East Asian language.
  1. An international experience in East Asia of at least one month's duration


No more than two 100-level courses can be counted toward the interdisciplinary minor and no more than two courses may also be applied to a departmental major. A grade of "C" or higher is required for a course to count toward the interdisciplinary minor. Courses taken in the Davidson in Shanghai Program will count for the interdisciplinary minor.

Additional information on the East Asian Studies Major is available in the College Catalog.