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Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

The Ethnic Studies interdisciplinary minor at Davidson provides you with an understanding of the forces that have made African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans integral and yet distinct groups in American society.

This interdisciplinary course of study, offered by departments in the humanities and social sciences, introduces the analytical skills that are required for you to understand the cultural, economic, and political factors, both historical and modern, that have shaped these ethnic groups.

By examining these communities, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the legacy and nuance of racism in the United States, develop knowledge of existing and emerging minority U.S. populations, communicate effectively across cultural differences and learn to think critically about the struggles of living and participating in a multicultural democracy.

Track Selection

The interdisciplinary minor has three tracks: Africana, Native American, and Latino American. You need to take three courses from one track and one course from a second track. At least two of these four courses must be at the 300 level or higher. You may substitute an approved independent study course for one of these four courses.

How to Apply

The Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee administers the Ethnic Studies interdisciplinary minor. You'll need to submit a written proposal to the Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee by the last day of fall semester of the junior year. Your proposal must specify the courses you'll be using to satisfy the interdisciplinary minor requirements.

Approval of the application for the interdisciplinary minor is made by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Ethnic Studies faculty.

Additional information about the Ethnic Studies interdisciplinary minor is available in the College Catalog.