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Davidson in Ghana
Ethnic studies minor and sociology major Christi Moore '15 spent part of her summer in Ghana.

During your six weeks with the Davidson in Ghana program at the University of Cape Coast, you'll be immersed in modern and traditional Ghanaian life.

About the Program

The program includes a one-credit course on contemporary Ghanaian society and culture, a non-credit performing arts course where you'll learn traditional dance and music, a fieldwork or service project, and excursions into other regions of Ghana. Classes are taught by Ghanaian professors and artists.

This course may be used for the ethnic studies Africana track credit or as an elective.

About Ghana

As one of Africa's most beautiful and progressive countries, Ghana is a democracy with a multiparty political system. Slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, the average temperature in this West African country ranges between 70 and 90 degrees. While Ghana is a multi-ethnic nation, most of its 18 million people belong to six ethnic groups. The country is divided into ten regions, each of which is governed by a minister and has its own legislative assembly.

The University of Cape Coast is located on the outskirts of Cape Coast, the capital city of the Central Region. This Region is the home of the Fanti people, the site of two important slave castles, and the largest virgin rain forest in the country. With a population several hundred thousand strong, the city of Cape Coast is the major center for commercial, educational, and cultural activities.

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