Genomics Research

Research is essential for hands-on learning, and undergraduate research experience is required for admission to many graduate and professional schools. The most elite graduate programs expect published research when you apply.

As a genomics student at Davidson, you'll have many research and publication opportunities. You can work on group projects with professors and other students, and conduct independent research with faculty guidance. You may even choose to conduct research over the summer through the Davidson Research Initiative or other funding mechanisms. Your research could be part of an honors research project as a part of your major.

Group Research

You'll have the chance to pursue group research projects. Group projects typically involve both biology majors and math majors. 


Bioinformatics projects allow students from different majors to work together to solve real world problems. You develop online tools to enhance research in the lab on and off campus.

Genome Annotation

As part of the Laboratory Methods in Genomics course, students have annotated microbial genomes or the blueberry genome. This course is a hands-on research course using real high throughput genome sequence data.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology blends genomics with molecular biology, mathematics, computer science and engineering. The goals of synthetic biology are to design and construct new biological parts, devices and systems for useful purposes.

Independent Research

Independent projects will be tailored to your interests, and may emphasize biological, mathematical and/or computational methods.


Genomics students have co-authored articles with professors in a variety of scientific journals including Journal of Biological Engineering, Interdisciplinary Bio Central, Bioinformatics and Bios. Students conducting research will have the potential to collaborate with the genomics faculty to submit manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications.

Learn more about past student research projects and publications.