Course Planning

This schedule is designed to help students plan their course of study. It is tentative and subject to change. Note that Prof. McCarthy will be on sabbatical in fall 2014.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Prof. Denham at 704-894-2855. 

Academic Year 2015-16

Fall 2015

GER 101: Elementary German I McCulloh
GER 101: Elementary German I Denham
GER 201: Intermediate German Henke
GER 201: Intermediate German McCulloh
GER 230: German Literary Masterpieces (in trans.) McCulloh
GER 260: Introduction to German Cultural Studies Denham
GER 456: Thomas Mann Denham

Spring 2016

GER 103: Intensive Elementary German (equals 101+102) Henke
GER 102: Elementary German II McCarthy
GER 250: Introduction to German Literary Studies McCulloh
GER 346: Memory on Film (trans.) McCarthy
GER 354: Contemporary German Literature McCarthy
GER 495: Senior Colloquium Denham