Students pursuing a global literary interdisciplinary minor will work with faculty members from multiple academic departments.

Caroline Beschea-Fache Caroline Beschea-Fache
Ph.D. Indiana University

I'm a native of northern France, and I love teaching my language to students because I love to see them go from hesitant to talkative as they gain confidence.

Keyne Cheshire Keyne Cheshire
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

I teach a variety of courses in Greek and Latin language and literature. My scholarly interests include Hellenistic and Greek lyric poetry, Alexander the Great, and literary translation.

Scott Denham Scott Denham (Coordinator)
Ph.D. Harvard University

I teach courses in writing, global literary theory and cultural studies, in the Humanities Program, and in German Studies. My research focuses on German and Austrian culture and literature of the 20th century and on literary translation.

Irina Erman Irina Erman
Ph.D. Stanford University

My teaching focuses on literary theory, Dostoevsky, modernism, autobiography, Russian theater and performance studies, Bakhtin, gender and sexuality studies, and 20th century Russian literature.

Amanda Ewington Amanda Ewington
Ph.D. University of Chicago

I have been teaching at Davidson for more than 10 years, offering a broad range of courses in Russian language, literature, and culture. My scholarship focuses on 18th-century literature, with a focus on Franco-Russian relations and women poets.

Melissa González Melissa González
Ph.D. Columbia University

I specialize in U.S. Latina/o and 20th century Latin American literature and culture, gender studies, and queer theory.

Rebecca Joubin Rebecca Joubin
Ph.D. Columbia University

I teach elementary, intermediate, and advanced Arab Studies courses related to Syrian literature, film, and drama. I have just completed a manuscript on contemporary Syrian television drama.

Kyra Kietrys Kyra A. Kietrys
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

I teach all levels of Spanish language and advanced literature and culture courses on contemporary Spain. I also teach literary translation and am developing a class on second language acquisition. My research interests include the 19th-21st Peninsular novel, digital studies, and cultural studies with a particular emphasis on the Second Republic.

Zoran Kuzmanovich Zoran Kuzmanovich
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

I teach courses in American and comparative literature, literary criticism, and film.

Rizwan Zamir Syed Rizwan Zamir
Ph.D. University of Virginia

I teach introductory and advanced courses in the area of Islamic studies, specializing in Islamic thought and spirituality.