Lucia Reinaga


Ph.D. Duke Univeristy
M.A. Duke University
Licenciatura, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés


My teaching interests include basic, intermediate and advanced Spanish language courses, cultural criticism, late 20th and early 21st century Latin American literature and culture, Latin American popular culture, and horror films.

My teaching is informed by my research and my experience in the classroom. At Davidson, I have taught courses that combine language instruction, contact with cultural products (such as films, comics or literature), and information about contemporary cultural practices in the Spanish-speaking world.

My area of specialization is late 20th Century and contemporary Latin American literature and popular culture, with and emphasis in the Chile and Argentina. I study the creative and active ways in which people consume and appropriate media products in Latin America.

Currently, my readings of contemporary books and films are focusing on observing traces of the local circulation of referents, narratives and iconographies that were distributed in a large, almost global scale, in the last decades of the 20th century. My research seeks to understand the ways in which local circulation, consumption, and appropriation of media products inform current media production in the Latin American context. Other interests include rock in Spanish and serialized narratives such as telenovelas.

I have written and presented my findings at the Latin American Studies Association and American Comparative Literature Association conferences.