Course Planning

Please note that this is a tentative schedule. Actual course offerings will depend upon a variety of factors, including leaves of absence, new and visiting appointments, faculty participation in study abroad programs, and  faculty commitments to interdisciplinary majors and concentrations (e.g., Humanities, Gender and Sexuality Studies, etc.).

Fall 2015

HIS 112 The Medieval Millennium: Europe, C. 500-1500
HIS 119 England to 1688
HIS 122 Europe since 1789
HIS 141 The United States to 1877
HIS 142 The United States since 1877
HIS 168 African Civilizations through the Era of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
HIS 175 Islamic Civilization and the Middle East, 600-1500
HIS 183 East Asian History 1200-180o
HIS 255 American Popular Culture
HIS 325 Britain From 1688-1832
HIS 335 Comparative Genocide in the Twentieth Century
HIS 340 Colonial America
HIS 346 The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 449 Age of Revolution: The United States in the 1960s
HIS 455 Law and Society in American History
HIS 475 Drugs and Drink in East Asia
HIS 480 Senior Research Seminar
HIS 488 Kelley Honors Seminar: Research and Thesis

Spring 2016

HIS 120 Britain since 1688
HIS 121 Early Modern Europe
HIS 169 The Making of Modern Africa
HIS 171 History of South Asia
HIS 176 Islamic Civilization and the Middle East since 1500
HIS 184 East Asian History, 1800-Present
HIS 225 Women and Work: Gender and Society in Britain, 1700-1918
HIS 228 The Modern Body: Gender, Sex, and Politics in France
HIS 234 Theory and Practice of Modern European History
HIS 253 The United States since 1945
HIS 262 Piracy in the Americas
HIS 283 Historiography of Modern China
HIS 303 African American Society & Culture since 1877
HIS 317 The European Renaissance
HIS 328 Bohemian France; Art, Culture, and Society, 1789-1945
HIS 341 The Era of the American Revolution
HIS 354 United States Foreign Policy since 1939
HIS 355 American Legal History
HIS 375 Nationalism and Colonialism in the Modern Arab World
HIS 421 Everyday Life in Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HIS 433 The Holocaust: Interpretation, Memory and Representation
HIS 489 Kelley Honors Seminar: Research and Thesis