Peter Krentz


Ph.D., M.A., B.A. Yale University


My love of ancient history goes back to a family trip to Greece, Italy, and Turkey when I was ten years old. As an undergraduate history major, I took mostly courses in Greek and Roman history. After my junior year, I excavated at Caesarea Maritima in Israel, and after my senior year, I attended the summer session at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, both experiences that reinforced my interest in the physical remains of classical cultures.

My dissertation focused on the year 404/3 in Athens. Recently I've written mostly about military history, including The Battle of Marathon (New Haven: Yale UP, 2010).


Courses I teach include:

  • CLA 111 The Ancient World
  • CLA 334 Athenian Law
  • CLA 346 Ethics in Archaeology
  • CLA 352 Classics in the Cinema
  • CLA 430-435: Seminars in Ancient History (recent topics include Alexander the Great, Roman Imperialism, and the Roman Revolution)
  • GRE 201 Intermediate Greek
  • GRE 218/318 New Testament Greek
  • WRI 101 The Trial of Jesus