Robin Barnes


Ph.D., M.A. University of Virginia
B.A. Colby College


I am a generalist in late-medieval and early modern Europe. My research focuses especially on the cultural history of Germany in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

My various books, articles, and reviews deal with subjects such as prophecy, millenarianism, and astrology in the early modern period. I've served as president of the Society for Reformation Research, and as Associate Editor of The Sixteenth Century Journal. In 2009-10 I was a fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies.

My most recent book is Astrology and Reformation (Oxford University Press, 2016), which argues that the popular spread of astrological ideas and images in the cities of the Holy Roman Empire both prepared the cultural ground for, and helped shape the course of, the German evangelical movement begun by Martin Luther.

My other recent publications include Ideas and Cultural Margins in Early Modern Germany, T&T Clark Companion to Reformation Theology, and The Continuum History of Apocalypticism.


I teach courses in late medieval and early modern Europe, Renaissance/Reformation, the history of western Christianity, and popular culture in pre-industrial Europe.