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Math & Computer Science Events

Math CoffeesMathematics and Computer Science students and faculty often gather for department events. "Coffees" are gatherings to hear talks from students, faculty, or visiting speakers on ongoing research, internship and career opportunities, and other interesting topics. Social events include departmental picnics, game nights, faculty-student lunches, and more. The feature event of the year is the annual Bernard Lecture with preceding banquet where juniors and seniors are inducted into the Bernard Society.

Upcoming events are announced in a weekly email of Math/CS News for students. You can view archives or subscribe by visiting Weekly News. Math and CS Coffees are always open to the public. To see what we've been up to, check out the following lists of past year events.

Events 2014-15

May 8, 2015

Reading Day - Study Party for Math & CS Classes

May 6, 2015

Math & Science Poster Fair

May 1, 2015

Math and Art Exhibit
Join the artists/mathematicians from the MAT 108 course for their Art (and math) Show!

Apr 30, 2015

"Object Volume Reconstruction Through Edge Detection," Elena Vasiou-Sivvopoulou '15

Apr 29, 2015

"Math Picnic"

Apr 22, 2015

"Automated Animal Recognition through Machine Learning," Vincent Zhu '15

Apr 21, 2015

Community Based Learning Poster Session

Apr 15, 2015

"Motif-Based Clustering of Directed Networks," Thomas Reith '15 

Apr 11, 2015

Kickball Kings of Math/CS take on the Science departments!

Apr 8, 2015

"On the autocorrelations of binary sequences," Richard Yan '15 

Apr 1, 2015

"An Introduction to the Ideal Class Group," Ty Williams '15 

Mar 18, 2015

"The Cloud"- a gateway to Utopia, or to Hell?," Steve Hindman (Senior executive at Symantec)

Mar 17, 2015

Pizza Party

Mar 14, 2015

PI Day

Mar 11, 2015

"Elliptic curves, a one million dollar unsolved problem, and REUs in mathematics," Dr. Jeremy Rouse

Feb 25, 2015

"Red Ventures - Connecting Math and Marketing Analytics," Josh Izzard (Duke '14) and Cyrus Lala '13, Red Ventures

Feb 19, 2015

" Hall's Marriage Theorem," Dr. Lauren Keough University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Feb 10, 2015

Study Abroad for Math/CS Students 
Panel discussion featuring Lingbo Lu, Lauren Pendo, Alec Brown, Ross Kruse and Dr. Ramanujan

Jan 27, 2015

Pizza Party

Jan 25, 2015

Movie Night - private screening of The Imitation Game

Dec 10, 2014

Digital Project Showcase

Nov 20, 2014

"Mathematical Modeling For Programmed Evolution," Morgan Spencer '16

Nov 20, 2014

Humor & Teaching, Prof. Tim Chartier

Nov 12, 2014

"Cooking with Computer Science: Creating an Artificial Chef Program," Erol Cromwell '15

Nov 5, 2014

"Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research," Troy Schaudt, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Oct 30, 2014

Pizza Party

Oct 30, 2014

Rate My Professor Event

Oct 30, 2014

Course and WebTree Advice Session

Oct 28, 2014

"Creating a Self-Taught Pacman Agent," Ross Kruse '17

Oct 23, 2014

"Optimal Pebbling - A Graph Theory Topic," Chenxiao (Simon) Xue '16

Oct 22, 2014

Computer Generated Salads Tasting, Dr. Raghu Ramanujan, Erol Cromwell '15 and Jonah Galeota-Sprung '13

Oct 21, 2014

The Celebration of Mind, Dr. Tim Chartier

Oct 20-26, 2014

Mega Menger Sponge Build, Dr. Donna Molinek

Sept 28-29, 2014

Bernard Society Banquet & Lecture, Dr. Jesús De Loera, University of California, Davis

Sept 16, 2014

Math in the Movies, Tony DeRose, Senior scientist and lead of the Research Group, Pixar Animation Studios

Events 2013-14

Apr 24, 2014

"Math Picnic"

Apr 16, 2014

"Congratulations, you're a mathematician. Now what?" Dr. Art Dean

Apr 9, 2014

"Math Murder Mystery," The Bernard Society

Apr 2, 2014

"Mathematics, Magic and Mystery," Dr. Irl Bivens, Davidson College

Mar 26, 2014

"Pebbling Graphs on Surfaces," Matt Mohorn '14

Mar 19, 2014

"Math Department Game Night," The Bernard Society

Mar 12, 2014

"Panel Discussion: Study Abroad," Returning Study Abroad Students

Feb 26, 2014

"Math Jeopardy," The Bernard Society

Feb 20, 2014

"The Sum of Two Squares," Dr. Kate Thompson, Univ. of Georgia

Feb 6, 2014

"Place Cell Navigation: Finding your way using algebra," Faculty Candidate

Feb 3, 2014

"Dynamical Intelligence: Navigation and Intention," Faculty Candidate

Jan 30, 2014

"Documentary Filmmaking, Artificial Intelligence and the Liberal Arts," Author James Barrat '83

Jan 28, 2014

"Virtual Embodiment: Implications and applications of self-avatars in immersive virtual environments," Dr. Tabitha Peck, Duke Univ.

Jan 22, 2014

"Grid-Friendly Computing." Faculty Candidate

Dec 5, 2013

"The University of Georgia Statistics Program," Dr. Cheolwoo Park & Dr. Lynne Seymour

Nov 20, 2013

"McNuggets, Semigroups, Graphs, and Riemann-Roch," Dr. Justin Peachey, Davidson College

Nov 14, 2013

"Fractal curves, 4-dimensional puzzles, and unlikely gears," Prof. Henry Segerman, Oklahoma State University

Nov 6, 2013

"Congruent Numbers, Elliptic Curves and a Million Dollar Problem," Rodney Keaton, Clemson University

Oct 30, 2013

"The Statistical Revolution in Sports and Why You Should Care," Jason Rosenfield, Charlotte Bobcats

Oct 24, 2013

"Celebration of Mind"

Oct 9, 2013

"Math Department Game Night"

Sept 29, 2013

Bernard Lecture: Professor Emeritus Larry Baggett

Sept 25, 2013

"The Fair and Bold Gambling Function," Dr. Richard Neidinger, Davidson College

Sept 18, 2013

"Exploring Topological Properties of the C. Elegans Connectome," Thomas Reith '15

Sept 12, 2013

"Math Picnic"

Sept 6, 2013

"A Very Brief Introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography," Dr. William Banks, University of Missouri

Sept 3, 2013

"Summer Research Symposium," Micah Brown '16, Seth Kindig '14, Thomas Reith '15, and Jackson Spell '15

Aug 28, 2013

"Math Tea"

Past Events