Student Research

One of the hallmarks of Davidson College is the opportunity to work on graduate-level research projects as an undergraduate. Many mathematics students are involved in research work at Davidson beyond the scope of usual coursework, through summer research projects, research assistance to faculty, independent studies, honors projects, and more, thanks in part to external faculty grants, as well as internal collaborative grants to faculty or students, such as the Davidson Research Initiative

Students pursue research in pure and applied mathematics as well as computer science, investigating areas such as graph theory, sports analytics, and bioinformatics (in conjunction with in genomics).


Project Type: Topic
Faculty Mentor
Miles Abbett '14, James Bramlett '14, Seth Kindig '14, Andrew Liu '14, Noah Woodward '14 Independent Study: Sports Analytics - focusing on different projects in basketball, baseball, and golf. Chartier
Miles Abbett '14, Bryan Kelly '14, Ford Higgins '14, Seth Kindig '14 Sports application: CatsStats micro-analysis and twitter feed. Chartier
Micah Brown '16 Independent Study: Mathematical Modeling in Biology - agent-based models to illustrate concepts in first-year biology course Heyer
Micah Brown '16, Jackson Spell '15  Summer applied math/CS/Genomics research: Agent-based models of cellular processes and online tool construction for automated DNA assembly Heyer
Sam Castle '15, Alden Hart '15, Jackson Spell '15 Independent Study: Machine Learning Ramanujan
Seth Kindig '14 Independent Study: APBRmetrics and Sports Analytics Chartier
Seth Kindig '14 Summer applied math research: Predicting sports outcomes with similarity scores; springboarded Seth into a one month internship with Chartier
Sarah Klett '15 Summer applied math research: Improving least-squares ranking methods with regression Chartier
Sarah Klett '15 Independent Study: Data Analytics - Big Data and Scoring Twitter, ranking restaurants via reviews posted on Twitter, in collaboration with Twizoo, Inc. Chartier
Emma Krause '14 Independent Study: Programming Neural Networks in MATLAB, in support of Center major in neuroscience Heyer
Matt Mohorn '14 Honors Thesis: An Introduction to Graph Pebbling Yerger
Thomas Reith '15 Applied math research: Mathematical modeling and cluster analysis of networks of neurons. Heyer
Jackson Spell '15 Independent Study: Data analytics - Twitter sentiment analysis, in collaboration with Twizoo, Inc., founded by Davidson grad Madeline Parra '09. Ramanujan


Project Type: Topic
Faculty Mentor
Daniel Bernstein '13 Honors Thesis: Algorithmic Definitions of Singular Functions, a real analysis topic. Neidinger
Jonah Galeota-Sprung '13 Applied math research: algorithm to create salad recipes via existing recipes using artificial intelligence. Chartier Ramanujan
David Heilbron '13, Kyle Snipes '13, Amy Tang '15 Applied math research: Development of bracketology algorithm based on producing odds via Colley and Massey methods. Chartier
Seth Kindig '14 Applied math research: Linear Programming formulation for scramble squares. Chartier
Cyrus Lala '13 Applied math research: adaptation of ranking method posed as linear programming problem. Chartier
Robert Lorenzen '13 Independent Study: sports analytics with mentoring a high school student.
Applied math research: variation of PageRank algorithm for recognizing spam in web networks.
Jena Manilla '13 Independent Study: Social Network Analysis including a network at Davidson College. Chartier
Daniel Marchuk '13 Applied math research: development of applets in sports ranking for uDemy course on bracketology. Chartier
Brian McGue '13 Independent Study: analysis of NASCAR with sports analytics with Donour Sizemore (Michael Waltrip Racing). Chartier
Erin Osment '15 Applied math research: Adaptation of Laplace rule of succession within derivation of Colley method. Chartier
Corey Poff '13 Honors Thesis: Pathology in Upper Confidence Bounds Applied to Trees, an artificial intelligence topic. Ramanujan
Colin Thompson '13 Honors Thesis: A Hierarchy of Chaotic Topological Dynamics, a dynamical systems topic. Molinek
Chang (Kyle) Yang '13 Honors Thesis: The Bordeaux 3-color Conjecture and Near Coloring, a graph theory topic. Yerger