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The Davidson/CMC Connection

In 1990, Davidson College and the Carolinas Healthcare System joined in a formal agreement to cooperate and share resources toward the common betterment of health care, the education and training of physicians and improved understanding of the relationship between medicine and society. Under the auspices of this agreement, we enjoy access to an expanded range of educational opportunities that only a large teaching hospital can provide.

Extracurricular Opportunities

The Medical Humanities Program brings noted speakers to campus, administers a healthcare professionals in residence program, cooperates closely with the pre-medical program, and organizes conferences to promote public discussion of humanistic issues in health care. Davidson's Medical Humanities Program also works cooperatively with the Area Health Education Centers. These activities offer students opportunities to gain valuable experience working cooperatively with state, local, and national healthcare organizations.


The Medical Humanities Program has its own annual publication, The Ethical View, and downloadable copies are available below.

Research Ethics Consultation, Spring 2014
Cancer Care: Science, Practice and Ethics
, Spring 2013
Clinical Ethics Consultation: The Very Idea, Spring 2012
Contemporary Challenges in Medicine and Research, Spring 2010
Addiction and Responsibility from a Medical Perspective, Spring 2009
Authority and Responsibility in Medicine and Health Care, Spring 2008
Problem Physicians, Problem Patients, Spring 2006
Organ Transplantation, Spring 2005
Physician's Conflicts of Interests, Spring 2003
Medical Error, Spring 2002
Medical Futility, Spring 2001


American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Physicians

Association of American Medical Colleges

American College of Physicians

American Medical Association

American Medical Women's Association

American Psychiatric Association

American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics

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Institute of Medicine