Scholarships for Continuing Students

The Music Department awards several scholarships annually to continuing students.  All scholarships are available regardless of whether a student majors in music.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may audition for the Zachary F. Long and Vail Family Scholarships. Long and Vail scholars will also receive a Harper Lesson Scholarship that provides for on-campus, 60-minute applied music lessons for credit.

Pending availability of funds, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may also audition for separate awards that subsidize half the cost of on-campus applied music lessons (MUS 55 or MUS 155-355).

Applications and guidelines are available in mid-February through the Music Office. The competition is held toward the end of March. See Music Selection Guidelines below for details.

Music Selection Guidelines for the Competition


Three selections performed from memory. These should include one movement or work from the Baroque era, one from a Classical sonata, and one from the Romantic era.


Three contrasting songs or arias performed from memory. These should include one Italian art song or aria from the 17th or 18th centuries, one song in English from any period (excluding musical theater), and one work of the singer's choice

All selections must be performed in their entirety, although long instrumental accompaniments may be shortened. Unless written for unaccompanied voice, the selections should be accompanied. The selections should demonstrate the singer's musical sensitivity and technical proficiency.

Other Instruments

Two selections from the standard repertoire of one's instrument and one should be of moderate or fast tempo, demonstrating technical proficiency and one should be slower, demonstrating musical sensitivity.

Unless written as a concert piece for unaccompanied instrument, such as a Bach suite or a percussion solo, the selections should be accompanied.

For more information on music scholarships contact Christine Tabor or call 704-894-2357.