Maren Milligan, Ph.D.


Ph.D. University of Maryland
B.A. Oberlin College

I joined the Political Science fall 2012. The focus of my teaching and research is Middle East Studies.

Research Interests and Background

The recipient of a Fulbright Islamic Civilizations grant, I've worked for several nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C. and overseas, including the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the National Democratic Institute, and the Middle East Research Information Project. I'm currently on joint appointment with Queens University in a position designed to strengthen Middle East Studies offerings at both institutions.

My manuscript, "Power-sharing or Power-hoarding? Conflict and Democratic Breakdown in Nigeria and Lebanon," argues that rather than mitigating conflict, power-sharing actually causes conflict and prevents democratization. My work on institutions, identity, and conflict appears in Comparative Politics Middle East Report, ISIM, and Sada, a journal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.