Internships & Experience

To gauge your interest in and commitment to a medical career, in addition to your coursework you should seek opportunities to interact with people in hospitals and clinics.

Clinical Programs for Course Credit

The Medical Humanities Program offers two courses in clinical/hospital experiences (MHU 380 Issues in Medicine and MHU 390 Health Care Ethics), each worth one course credit. In them, you will observe multiple medical specialties in Charlotte area hospitals and clinics and participate in classroom discussions related to your observations in the field. Invited speakers from various medical fields supplement the course with lectures.

Mentor/Shadowing Programs

The Physician Mentor Program allows you to interact with physicians, patients, and other health care professionals, shadowing and working with physicians in clinical or hospital settings. You also can seek advice on medical schools, classes, applications, and internships from working physicians.

Shadowing experiences give you real-world perspective on the benefits and drawbacks to modern medicine today. If you are interested in the program, contact Program Assistant Frances Alexander at or 704-894-2482.