Pre-Medicine Advisory Committee

When applying to medical schools, you must submit letters of evaluation. These letters typically are sent when the medical schools request secondary application materials (i.e., after your primary application is submitted to AMCAS). Davidson's Pre-Medicine Advisory Committee (PAC) provides a comprehensive evaluation, which is recommended.

The committee, chaired by the Pre-Medicine Program Director, typically evaluates students during the spring of their junior year. Summer and September evaluations are available only with permission.

The committee bases its evaluation on several factors:

  • Transcripts from all colleges of matriculation
  • Professional recommendations from evaluators chosen by students
  • Medical experience
  • Community service
  • Interview with PAC Committee member

The committee sends its evaluation to medical schools at your request. The evaluation sent includes:

  • A cover letter generally explaining the Pre-Medicine Advisory Committee evaluation process
  • The Pre-Medicine Program Director's comments
  • Professional recommendations from evaluators chosen by students