Course Planning

Planning your courses a year or two in advance is good idea to ensure you have the prerequisites necessary for upper level courses. Remember there are 10 courses required to fulfill a psychology major.

  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • PSY 310 Psychology Research: Design and Analysis
  • One methods course from Cognitive/Neuroscience areas
  • One methods course from Developmental/Clinical or Social-I/O areas
  • At least one seminar
  • Four electives, any columns (can include seminars, tutorials, practica)
  • One capstone-level course (PSY 400, 401, 402)

You also must meet the major distribution requirement, at least one course from each of the three major areas of psychology, including cognitive and neuroscience, clinical and developmental, and social and industrial/organizational. Seminars do not count towards your major distribution requirement.

A third methods course is required to be eligible to be considered for honors.

To help ensure that you meet all of the necessary requirements, download this helpful course planning sheet (PDF).