Senior Admission Fellows

Each year, a number of our seniors are selected to serve as Senior Admission Fellows. We encourage you to email any of the students listed for a student-oriented perspective on the admission process and Davidson life. 

Use the information provided about home state, major, and extracurricular activities when selecting which student to contact.

Katie Graham

Katie Graham
 Greensboro, N.C
Major: French and Francophone Studies
Minor: Music
Co-curricular involvements:  Androgyny, Rusk Eating House, Music and Theatre performances, Tour Guide, study abroad in France
Tip for visiting students: Reach out to current students, take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and learn about Davidson from a student perspective.
Just for fun: Tell me your Myers-Briggs type and I will spend hours analyzing it with you, I'm also pretty good at guessing the types of others.

Cidney Holliday

Cidney Holliday
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Major: Africana Studies
Minor: Anthropology
Co-curricular involvements: Upsilon Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Black Student CoalitionFreeWord Spoken Word Society
Tip for visiting students: Ask lots of questions. It's you, not who drove you, that may be living here for the next four years.
Just for fun: I failed the driving test three times before I passed.

Linnea Ng

Linnea Ng
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.
Major: Psychology
Interdisiciplinary MinorEthnic Studies
Co-curricular involvements:  Davidson College Chorale, Executive Board member for the Organization of Latin American Students
Tip for visiting students: Don't be shy! Talk to as many students as you can to get a diverse perspective on the Davidson experience.
Just for fun:  I don't have a Minnesotan accent, except when I say the words bag, tag, sag, rag, gag, drag...

Ariane Nguyenduy

Ariane Nguyenduy
Hometown: Spartanburg, S.C.
Major: Mathematics
Minor: French and Francophone Studies
Co-curricular involvements:  Varsity Swim Team, Math and Science Center Tutor, French Club, Presidential Scholar, Warner Hall Eating House
Tip for visiting students: Check out the town of Davidson. Take a stroll down North Main Street, shop in the stores, eat at a local restaurant.
Just for fun: I earned my black belt in American Karate when I was 12.

Sam Riehl

Sam Riehl
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Major: Art History
Co-curricular involvements: Senior Class Gift Chair, Davidson Generals, Committee on Campus and Religious Life, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Executive Board, Cats Connect Mentor
Tip for visiting students: Take a trip to one of Davidson's Summit locations, grab some coffee and a snack, and strike up a conversation with a student.
Just for fun: I studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey during the fall semester of my junior year.

 Courtney Rufh

Courtney Rufh
Hometown: Trenton, N.J.
Major: Sociology
Interdisciplinary Minor: Communication Studies
Co-curricular involvements: Bonner Scholar, 1st Scholars Mentor, Overnights Advisory Board, Students for New Learning, Bank of America/Kemp Scholar
Tip for visiting students:  Stay overnight with a current student, it's the best way to test drive being a student at Davidson.
Just for fun: Justin Bieber and Britney Spears follow me on Twitter.

Caroline Thompson

Caroline Thompson
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Economics
Co-curricular involvements:  Connor Eating House, Sailing Club, Tour Guide, Cats Connect Mentor
Tip for visiting students: Do a senior overnight visit to experience a day and night in the life of a Davidson student.
Just for fun: I toured 28 college campuses before visiting Davidson.