Belk Alumni Connections

Belk Alumni

As a Belk Scholarship recipient, after graduation you join not only our extensive Davidson alumni network, but also the Belk Scholars Alumni Society—a group who are eager to connect with you and act as resources.

And what are Belk alumni up to now? Many are still students, in universities like Harvard, London School of Economics, Duke, and Stanford. Across the country and around the world, they are working, studying, leading, and serving as:

  • Journalists
  • Entrepreneurs, bankers and accountants
  • Lawyers, doctors, environmentalists and organic farmers
  • Teachers-from primary school through higher education
  • Graduate students in neuroscience, medicine, political science, theatre, and law
  • Actors, playwrights and arts managers
  • Activists combating global hunger and promoting peace
  • Ministers and counselors
  • Public servants and community developers