Beaufort Reunion

Close to 175 alumni and their families made the trip to Beaufort for the all-alumni reunion. Overall, the weekend was a great trip down memory lane, from a chance to head out on the Susan Hudson and visit the shores of Shakleford, to time in the research pond's mud finding oysters, fish, and shrimp, to sharing fellowship together while eating Sly's terrific food, watching the slideshow and listening to music. The highlight of Saturday evening's dinner was a roast of Dr. Grant by Cindy Whittington Lester, Derrick Willard, Blair Cowan, and Wade Powell. They had everyone laughing and crying. Dr. Grant said that: "My adrenalin level is still somewhat elevated but it has been higher than usual since we began planning this reunion a year ago. I'll never be completely able to put into words what the weekend did for (and/or to) me but it was a delight from beginning to end."

An extra thank you to the Planning Group members for helping us pull together a phenomenal weekend: Dave Green '76, Debbie Oehler Jeffries '80, Greg Kucera '82, Loy Thornton Miller '83, Ed Daugherty '85, Marlys Batten Daugherty '86, Cindy Whittington Lester '87, Wade Powell '87 , Rich Busby '88, Katie Furr Patten '91, Parks Small '90, Jenny McDonald Willard '91, Ick Willard '91, Erika Fritz Ott '93, Mike Ott '92, Nicole Wilcox Tullo '95, Lara Burkholder Hertwick '97, Jeremy Rusin '98, Chris Stec '98, Stowe Beam '99, Andrew Campbell '00, Nicole Harlan '04, Blair Cowan '03, Chris Wrobleski '05, and Julie Ruble '06.

Whether or not you could attend, please take the time to view photos, the slideshow, as well as send Dr. Grant your memories. What a wonderful weekend!


Check out the Beaufort Weekend photos on Davidson's Smugmug site to reminisce about the good times shared or catch up on what you missed.


Thank you to Chris Wrobleski '05 for taking the time to put together this wonderful slideshow.

A Message from Dr. Grant

The reunion was a resounding success and I'm so hyped that I know I won't want to wait 11 years for another! During the weekend I asked folks to take the time to write down "Memories and Updates" – what you remember about Beaufort and updating me on your path since leaving Beaufort. What are you doing now? Only 31 of the 67 alums got to write in it for the excellent reason that they all had wonderful information to record and there just wasn't enough time in the weekend to let everyone participate. I have plenty of room left, and would most sincerely ask that while the ideas are still fresh those of you who did not get a chance to write in the book or those who could not join us for the weekend, please put your thoughts down and either cut and paste or attach them to an email to me and send it to me so I can cut them out and add them to the pages. I really would like to hear from each of you.