• Rolling relics of days gone by, Cubans have kept these autos going. With no stores for parts, the owners tinker with anything possible to keep them rolling.

  • Old Havana dates from the early 1500s and transmits the architectural and cultural importance of the best restored colonial urban center in the Americas.

  • Sustainable Cuba: Thriving organopónicos (organic farms) are changing the way Cubans live and their attitude toward work, farming, and food.


February 28-March 7, 2016
Hosted by: Jane Mangan, professor of Latin American Studies
Price & reservations: 9 days/8 nights at $4,995. Contact AHI Travel at 800-323-7373.

About this trip: Immerse yourself in the culture, art, history, and people of fascinating and enigmatic Cuba. Participate in the historic evolution of the relationship between the U.S. and our closest island nation neighbor. Authorized by a U.S. Department of the Treasury general license, this people-to-people educational exchange program is brimming with opportunities to discover Cuba through its artists and musicians to religious leaders, teachers, and students. While marveling at Cuba’s opulent colonial architecture, vintage automobiles, and vibrant countryside vistas, you will learn firsthand the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the Cuban people working to improve their lives and enhance their society. Visit the AHI website for more information about this trip.

color photo of Jane Mangan, prof. of historyAbout your host: Jane Mangan is professor of history as well as the inaugural program chair of Latin American Studies (LAS). Her research specializes in the history of early Latin America with particular emphasis on the Andean region which she has published several books and articles. She teaches history and LAS courses on the entire region of Latin America stretching from the Southern Cone to the U.S.-Mexico border and from conquest to NAFTA. This includes Cuban history, from Columbus’ arrival to the Cuban Revolution. In 2013, she co-organized (with Prof. of Theatre Sharon Green) Davidson’s first multidisciplinary symposium on Cuba, entitled “Memory, Migration, and Art.” For more on Prof. Mangan, please visit her website.