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Past Trips

Our travel program allows you to experience interesting locations, while traveling with fellow Davidson alumni, parents and friends. Here is a list of our most recent destinations.


  • Cuba: The People, Culture and Art with Jane Mangan
  • Legendary Turkey with Eileen Keeley '89
  • Great Danube Passage River Cruise with Bob McKillop
  • Wildcat Weekend: New York City and the Men's Basketball A-10 Tournament
  • Wildcat Weekend: An Arts Excursion to Miami


  • Wildcat Weekend: New York City
  • Wildcat Weekend: Houston
  • Provincial French Countryside
  • Friends of the Arts: New York City Tour


  • Wildcat Weekend: Charleston Classic
  • Holland & Belgium
  • Enchanting Ireland


  • Macchu Picchu and the Galapagos
  • Normandy, featuring Two Nights in Paris
  • Tuscany
  • Mystical India
  • Young Alumni Wildcat Weekend: Boone, N.C.


  • Paris and Provence with WDAV
  • Classic China and the Yangtze
  • Treasures of Peru
  • Africa's Wildlife
  • Discovering Eastern Europe
  • Wildcat Weekend: Cooperstown


Legendary Turkey


Scandinavian Odyssey