CHE Colloquium: Modular Glycoconjugagte Tool Set Assembly and Presentation of Multivalent Carbohydrate Ligands on Surfaces

This discussion will focus on the topic of molecules. Molecules such as D-Mannose and D-galactose mono-, di- and trisaccharides with thiol (SH)-terminated aglycons and aglycons that are constructed by glycosylation of appropriately protected glycosyl donors and acceptors, followed by (1) free-radical addition to introduce the thiol terminals onto the aglycons or form tethers with other functionalized groups. Subsequent deprotection afforded the free-OH saccharides. Tethering chemistries allow these components to be attached to gold-clad silicon chips, creating carbohydrate surfaces of varying valencies and densities.


Chambers Hance Auditorium (CHAM-4121)

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Yates, Alexis C