Course Detail


Gender Studies in Arab World


This course will focus on the intersection of gender and politics in contemporary Syrian literature. Through an examination of the novels, short stories, autobiography, and poems of writers such as Hana Mina, Khayri al-Dhabhabi, Asima Darwish, Muhammad al-Maghut, and Khalid Khalifeh, students will be introduced to debates on the direction of society and politics in contemporary literature. Students will also be exposed to films and mini-series based on the literature and lives of several of the writers we will be studying. The goal of the course is for students to learn to comfortably read contemporary Syrian literature, and acquire the vocabulary necessary to discuss the key issues and themes relating to gender and politics. This course is taught entirely in Arabic.

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arabic; satisfies a major requirement in Gender Studies; cultural diversity requirement; Asian Studies concentration and International Studies concentration (Middle East sections); Communication Studies concentration; and Literary Studies, Creative Writing and Rhetoric distribution requirements.
Students entering before 2012: satisfies the Literature distribution requirement.


Arabic 202 or permission of instructor.