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Film Art is a hands-on study of style and narration in the fiction film. After a reminder of the pre- and post- production processes, we'll focus on individual directorial styles. Students pick half of the films we'll see. We'll also make a communal film to explore the capabilities and shortcomings of the available equipment. Then, as a part of a very small group, each student will be given a chance to write/adapt, direct, film, and edit a short film using digital video cameras and non-linear editing equipment. We'll look at those films in light of the latest theories of narrative and the knowledge about cinema acquired from the film-maker's end. The final versions of all films will be burnt to DVDs. If there are musicians among us, they will be given a chance to score a film and/or do sound design.

No special knowledge of film or video technology is presumed. A course on film (X through film, X and film, the X of film, film as X, X on film, film X, etc.) should be decent preparation for this class; an upper level course in art, creative writing, literature, semiotics, or literary criticism would also be of even greater help.


(Not offered Fall 2015.)

Limited to juniors and seniors.