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494A Disability and Literature


In this course, we will explore disability as it is depicted in literary and cultural texts, from the canon to disability culture.

Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric distribution requirements.

(Not offered Fall 2015.)

494B Multicultural Literature


Beyond just teaching children letters, counting, and shames, children's literature teaches individuals how to interact with one another based on their similarities and differences. This seminar will explore how what is accepted and promoted as "appropriate" multicultural representation in literature for children and adolescent changes over time. At a moment of intense American debates about immigration, demographic shifts, and marriage equality, we will explore issues of power and representation-who has the right to write, whose stories are worth telling, what version of those stories should one tell through focusing on literature for children, including picture books, stories, comics, and short novels.

(Not offered Fall 2015.)


Juniors and seniors only.