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Topics in Rus Culture in Trans


At the turn of the 20th century the once-great empires of Russia and Germany collapse. A new generation of men and women emerge from the ruins, convinced that art can build a new world. They reimagine the meaning of love, politics, and culture. This avant-garde storms the great modern metropolises of Moscow, Petersburg, and Berlin where new forms of life and art are being forged. In this course we will focus on the spectacular decade known as the Roaring Twenties as we consider the outstanding works of Vladimir Nabokov, Marina Tsvetaeva, Walter Benjamin, Marc Chagall, Natalia Goncharova, and others.

The course will be taught in English. No knowledge of Russian or German is required or expected.

Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.
Satisfies the Liberal Studies distribution requirement.

Counts for German 331.