Athletic Center

Davidson's new athletic center, a $15 million project, will provide much needed dance space for the college's burgeoning dance program. In addition to full academic dance classes, current dance space is used by Davidson's five active dance organizations. The new center for dance will support heavily subscribed academic and extracurricular dance activities. Additionally, the athletic center will release currently utilized space in the Belk Arena, allowing for growth in the college's club and intramural program. Additional gym space would increase student participation by 60 percent.

Men's basketball and women's basketball and volleyball will enjoy the greatest impact of the new athletic center as the three teams currently function with a single game and practice floor. Limited space results in staggered practices for our programs, particularly as the competition seasons overlap. Consequently, our athletes miss dinner, study groups, and opportunities to participate in traditional student activities. Additional court space will remedy these challenges.

Current naming opportunities range from $500,000 to $5 million, and there are several options in between. Please visit the Athletic Center website to learn more.