Dinner at Davidson

How You Can Help

Dinner at DavidsonIf you would like to make a donation toward the student-driven effort to support The Davidson Trust, please put "Dinner at Davidson" in the memo line when you make a gift.

The Davidson Trust brought our students here, now we're taking you there. For any further questions, please contact Emily Rapport '16 at emrapport@davidson.edu.


Dinner at Davidson began in 2010 with a small group of students in the Student Government Association's External Affairs Committee. Led by Jordan Starck '12, the small community outreach fundraiser displayed the impact of The Trust on the student body to the larger Davidson community. In its inaugural year, the students raised a couple thousand dollars in support of The Davidson Trust.

In their second year, the students raised over $22,000. The next year, with the addition of an online auction, the students raised $50,000. And last year, the students premiered a production written and performed by students, Trust: The Play, which highlighted the impact of The Davidson Trust on our campus and helped us raise $70,000.

The Dinner's growing success enabled the students to create an expendable scholarship - the Student Government Association Davidson Trust Scholarship. In addition to increasing awareness about The Davidson Trust throughout the Davidson community and beyond, this scholarship helps bring strong leaders of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to the campus community.

In August 2011, the college welcomed its first recipient of the scholarship to campus, a member of the Class of 2015. In August 2012, the students were proud to welcome their second and third recipients to campus in the Class of 2016.

Our efforts are as much about raising awareness as they are about raising money. We believe that every member of our campus community benefits from the increased talent and diversity that The Trust brings to campus. Our committee aims to create fundraising events and awareness campaigns that showcase talent and diversity and create meaningful conversation about the impact of socioeconomic diversity on our campus. We hope our work sends a message that transcends its financial impact: current Davidson students are willing to commit their time and energy to making our institution the best community it can be.