Information for Faculty

We are happy to assist you in posting readings and sound files to Moodle, and we can also place books, DVDs, videos, CDs, etc. on physical reserve and list those titles in Moodle for you.

Because we have an Annual Copyright License with the Copyright Clearance Center, we ask that you follow the procedures below to confirm and secure copyright compliance for materials posted in Moodle.

Posting Materials Yourself

If you are posting materials yourself, please make sure that your use of copyrighted material is in compliance with copyright law and college policy. Please see the library's guidelines and step-by-step instructions for posting materials to Moodle for help and more information.

Having Library Staff to Post Materials for You

We are also happy to post materials for you.

To have us post articles in Moodle

Provide us with one of the following:

  1. Persistent URLs to articles (preferred method)
  2. Digital copies sent to
  3. Photocopy of articles

Please see How to Submit Articles for Library Staff to Post on your Behalf  for more information.

To post sound files or video clips in Moodle

Note: Sound files or video clips must come from items held in the library or owned by the faculty member.

To place books, videos, CDs on Library Reserve