Congratulations to Spring 2014 Writing Award Recipients

by Davidson College

The English Department is pleased to announce our spring 2014 writing award recipients.

Group photo of spring 2014 writing award recipients
Front: Calley Anderson '14, Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo '16, Jessie Li '15
Back: Aminata Dumbuya '14, John-Michael Murphy '16, Matthew Schlerf '16, Caroline New '17
Not pictured: Hannah Fuller '17, Annalee Kwochka '15, Graham Marema '17, Jordan Williamson '15

R. Windley Hall Award in Writing

The R. Windley Hall Writing Award is presented to the member of the first-year class who submits the best piece of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction prose. His family and friends give the award in memory of R. Windley Hall, a member of the Class of 1963.

First Place in Poetry: Graham Marema '17
“Seven Poems”; in particular “Winter Warriors,” “How To Figure Out Where To Live: A Step-By-Step Guide”; and “Mountain Man”

Second Place in Poetry: Hannah Fuller '17
“Hello, Goodbye: the story of 6 very short lives”

Third Place in Poetry: Eleanor Yarboro '17
“Life in Pastel and other poems”

First Place in Fiction: Caroline New '17
“Black Water”

Second Place in Fiction: Graham Marema '17
“The Murderer”

Third Place in Fiction:  Caitie Connor '17
"Publix Tomatoes"

Charles E. Lloyd Award in Writing

The Charles E. Lloyd Writing Award is given to a member of the sophomore, junior, or senior class for excellence in the field of nonfiction. Essays submitted for the award may include both formal, scholarly essays and personal essays. The award is given in memory of Professor Charles E. Lloyd, professor of English at Davidson from 1956-80.

First Place in Scholarly Writing: Matthew Schlerf '16
“The (Not So) Empowering Em-dash: A Feminist Critique of Susan Glaspell’s Trifles” 

Second Place in Scholarly Writing: Calley Anderson '14
Excerpt from “More Than a Dream and a Mountaintop: Emphasizing Location, Education, and the Disingenuous Narrative of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Children’s Literature”

First Place in Creative Writing: John-Michael Murphy '16
"Mourning the Death of My (Living) Father”

Second Place in Creative Writing: Aminata Dumbuya '14
“Colanuts for the Courageous who suffer Calamities”

Third Place in Creative Writing:  Annalee Kwochka '15
“Reacting to Sexton: A Chemist in Her Own Poetry”

Vereen Bell Memorial Award in Creative Writing

The Vereen Bell Memorial Award is given annually to a member of the senior, junior, or sophomore class for best creative writing work in fiction, poetry, or drama. The award is given in memory of Vereen Bell ‘32, a promising and successful young novelist and short-story writer who gave his life for his country during World War II.

First Place in Poetry:  Jessie Li '15
“Goddess Unnamed”

Second Place in Poetry:  Annalee Kwochka '15
“Opening the Doors of the Temple”

Third Place in Poetry:  Noah Driver ’16
“Curriculum Vitae”

First Place in Prose:  Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo '16
“Grounds for Divorce”

Second Place in Prose:  Aminata Dumbuya '14
“Princess of Pepel”

Third Place in Prose:  Jordan Williamson '15
“The Mayor of Hamelin”

First Place in Playwriting:  Calley Anderson '14
“Excerpt from:  Davis Miller”