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Derrick Miller '98 Receives Tenure at UNC-Wilmington

Derrick MillerIt's official. Congratulations to Derrick Miller '98 for receiving tenure at UNC-Wilmington. We're all very proud of you, Derrick!

Here's how Derrick describes his intellectual Werdegang.

"I graduated from Davidson with a major in German in 1998, then earned my Ph.D. in German literature at UNC in 2007. I taught as a visiting instructor at Grinnell College, a visiting assistant professor at Duke, and as an assistant professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, where I was just promoted to associate professor. But I began teaching German as a drill session instructor at Davidson. Taking German classes with Scott Denham at Davidson first hooked me on German, and reading Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther for an independent study with Burkhard Henke set me down the path of 18th Century German Studies, which eventually became my research focus."

Photo courtesy of UNC-Wilmington