Pat Sellers

Pat Sellers, professor of political science, serves as associate dean for curriculum. He has taught at Davidson College for more than a decade and graduated from Davidson in 1986.

As associate dean for curriculum his duties include:

  • Assisting the VPAA in curricular matters including:
    • advising new faculty in the development of new curricular initiatives
    • Implementing the new distribution requirements, including tracking course approvals and explaining the requirements and their rationale to campus constituencies
    • Serving on the Educational Policy Committee (as an advisory member), coordinating the agenda, collecting information about matters before the EPC, and implementing policy decisions
    • Revising the process for requesting, approving, and allocating new faculty positions
    • Conducting external reviews of academic departments, and programs
  • Leading the curricular component of the college reaccreditation process, including assisting academic department and program chairs in writing reports for reaccreditation
  • Spearheading the effort to encourage and implement assessment of courses, majors/minors/concentrations, and college-wide programs such as the distribution requirements
  • Organizing and analyzing the annual faculty survey about the VPAA Office, and recommending improvements based on results
  • Compiling annual statistics on teaching loads and enrollments for all academic departments and programs
  • Championing the innovative use of technology in the curriculum, including the introduction of e-portfolios
  • Supervising the Registrar and the directors of the Oral Communication Program, the Vann Center for Ethics, and the College Writing Program

Pat Sellers, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Office: Chambers 2039