Check Request and Direct Deposit

Follow these  instructions for requesting payments. For payments to non-residents or to U.S. agents receiving payment on behalf of a non-U.S. citizen, additional paperwork is required.

Payment Request

Complete the payment request form. You must include the vendor number and name, amount, general ledger account number to be charged, and an original authorized signature approving the payment. Supervisor approval is mandatory for personal reimbursements and VISA payments.

The Grants and Contracts Office must approve all grant-related expenses.

Required Documentation

Attach documentation supporting the expense (receipt, contract, letter of agreement) and a description of the expense, which clearly indicates the business purpose. Payment request forms without this information will be returned to you.

Payment Schedule

Submit the completed payment request form and required documentation to accounts payable by Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. for inclusion in Friday's check run.We will review the payment request package and pay invoices which require immediate payment or do not specify a due date. All others payment requests will be held and paid according to the terms indicated by the vendor. Forms received after Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. will be processed the following week.

Direct deposit payments (staff and faculty reimbursement and some vendor payments) will be available Friday morning. Checks will be ready after 2 p.m. on Friday.

We will post an announcement on Inside Davidson if the deadlines change.

Finding Vendor Numbers

Vendor numbers can be found in the Vendor Lookup database, which is located at P:\Business Services\VendorLookup.

If the vendor you are paying is not yet in Banner, they must complete a new vendor request/substitute W-9 Form (individual or business). Also please email us so that we may watch for the form. We must have a completed form before we can enter a vendor into Banner; we will not set up new vendors based on email requests.

Mailing Payments

Checks will be mailed to vendors from our office. If you need a letter or other documentation included with the check, please submit two copies to our office-one to be mailed with the check and one for our files-and an addressed envelope.

On the rare occasion that you need to hand deliver a check to a vendor, please email us by Wednesday at 5 p.m. and list the checks you need to have pulled, and whether you will pick them up or would like them sent via campus mail. To verify that a check has been issued, please refer to form FAIVNDH in Banner.