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Policies and Procedures

Find out how to request a printing project, learn how to ship and receive packages, and read more about campus mail procedures.

Sending Copy/Print Job Requests

Save copy/print jobs as a Microsoft Word file. Email us the project as an attachment, along with a copy request form. We will format the document according to the instructions you provide.

Copy jobs may also be brought to the Copy Center or sent through campus mail. A completed copy request form should always accompany the information to be copied.

While a 24-hour lead time is strongly encouraged, our staff will attempt to complete urgent or unexpected copy jobs the same day they are submitted. We will call or email when the job is complete.

Post Office Box Keys

One key is provided for new faculty and students at the beginning of the academic year. A replacement key may be purchased for $25 at the campus post office.

Campus Mail

USPS (United States Postal Service) and campus mail is delivered to and picked up at designated offices every morning. The morning mail route begins at 9:45 a.m. and the afternoon route at 1:30 p.m. A limited mail route is provided every afternoon.

Outgoing mail may also be placed in the drop boxes on the first floor of Chambers near the south elevator/stairwell (to ensure same day pickup, mail must be in the drop box by 2:15 p.m.) or into the mail slots at the Mail Center.

Outgoing mail is picked up daily by the USPS from the Mail Center between 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Parcel Delivery

UPS and Federal Express packages are delivered to the campus warehouse every business morning. These packages are then delivered to faculty and staff throughout the day. All student packages are available for pickup at the campus post office located in Knobloch Campus Center. Notification cards are placed in student mailboxes. All packages sent via USPS should be picked up at the post office.

For large packages and print jobs (over 25 pounds), please call 704-894-2822 to make arrangements for office delivery.

College Mailing Addresses

The correct USPS mailing address for students, faculty, and staff should be formatted like:
Davidson College
Davidson, NC  28035-XXXX

College Shipping Addresses

The correct physical delivery (shipping) address for FedEx, UPS, etc., is:
Davidson College
209 Ridge Rd
Davidson, NC  28035

Metered Mail

We hold a permit to operate postage meters and must comply with the USPS regulations as follows:

All mail to be metered must have a complete Davidson College return address. Metered mail related to events co-sponsored by Davidson College and an outside organization must bear a Davidson College return address.

Folded self-mailers need to be folded at the bottom and tabbed at the top. Please do not use staples.

Mail to be metered-letters, post cards, large flats-should be sorted and bundled separately. The Mail Center has letter trays and tubs available for help in preparing large mailings.

The postage meter machines can seal letter-size envelopes and some larger envelopes if the flap is at the top of the mail piece. These flaps must be nested to process properly. Heavy, flat-sized envelopes, as well as envelopes which seal on the side, must be sealed before coming to the Mail Center.

Campus Mail

Campus mail should include the recipient's name and the department name (not building). For students, please use their campus box number.

Intra-campus/Inter-departmental envelopes should be used for campus mail. A supply of these envelopes is sometimes available in the Mail Center.

Additional envelopes may be purchased from OfficeMax (Product # P2OM97233).

If other types of envelopes for campus mail are used, please print "CAMPUS MAIL" in the upper right hand corner since it could be mistaken for USPS mail.

Also, please include the sender's name and department in the return address location.

Personal Mail (Outgoing)

Outgoing, personal mail (letters, bills, etc.) is handled along with campus mail. If van space permits, outgoing personal packages may also be picked up on the mail route; otherwise, they should to be brought to the Mail Center.

Personal Mail (Incoming)

Due to the large volume of mail we handle daily in the Mail Center, please have your personal mail, magazines, and non-business related catalogs and parcels sent directly to your home address, not a campus address.

Faculty/Staff Mailings

There is no charge for campus stuffings and mailings. Stuffings are fliers or brochures which are identical and do not contain individual names or addresses.

For stuffings not related to College business, but sent by employees to students, faculty, and staff, there is a charge of $.25 per piece. They are boxed within three business days.

If time and staffing levels permit, stuffings received by 10 a.m. may be boxed that day for a charge of the current first-class letter postage per piece.

For stuffings from non-College individuals and businesses, there is a charge of the $.25 per piece.

They will be boxed within five business days.

Student Mailings

There is no charge for campus mail to individual students and to student groups of ten or less.

All large mailings, such as letters to entire classes or the student body, have a charge of $.25 per piece if the mailings have been presorted by student box numbers.

Student organizations will incur a charge of $.10 per piece for stuffings and letters presorted by student box numbers.