Room & Meal Rates

Below you will find our room and board rates to help you anticipate your expenses.

2016-2017 Room Rates Annual Semester
Tuition $47,897 $23,948.50
Student Activity Fee $479 $239.50
Insurance (Health) $1,690 N/A
Insurance (Tuition Refund) $244 N/A
Double Room $6,895 $3,447.50
Single/Suite $8,320 $4,160
Martin Court Apartments $8,620 $4,310
Triple Room $4,855 $2,427.50

If you are a Residence Life staff member, you will be billed the regular room rate and receive a stipend equal to one half of the rate for the selected room. The room stipend will be in addition to your scheduled pay, and will be distributed in 10 equal monthly payments.

Note: Tomlinson Hall suites and Duke Residence Hall carry a single room rate. A Duke suite consists of a two-room suite, which can, at your discretion, be set up for use as a study room and one bedroom or two separate bedrooms. Because of this flexibility, all students living in suites pay a single room rate.

Meal Rates

(Rates below include the required North Carolina Sales tax)

2016-2017 Rates
Annual Semester
21 Meal Plan ($100 Dining Dollars) $6,652 $3,326
16 Meal Plan ($300 Dining Dollars) $6,618 $3,309
14 Meal Plan ($200 Dining Dollars) $5,730 $2,865
10 Meal Plan ($200 Dining Dollars) $4,380 $2,190
90 Block Meal Plan ($100 Dining Dollars) $2,420 $1,210
75 Block Meal Plan (No Dining Dollars) $1,706 $853