Graduate & Professional Schools

The following lists provide the schools that Davidson graduates from the Class of 2013 are currently attending for doctoral, medical, master's, and law degree programs.

Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) Program

North Carolina State University, Ph.D., Mathematics
Stanford University, Ph.D., Chemistry
Tufts University, Ph.D., Mathematics
University of Colorado at Boulder, Ph.D., Chemistry
University of Michigan, Ph.D., Sociology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ph.D., Health Behavior
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Ph.D., Organizational Science
University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., Political Philosophy
Vanderbilt University, Ph.D., Sociology
Wake Forest University, Ph.D., Physics

Medical Degree (M.D.) Program

Duke University, M.D., Medicine
Eastern Virginia Medical School, M.D., Medicine
Emory University, M.D., Medicine
Florida State University, M.D., Medicine
Southern College of Optometry, D.O., Optometry
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, M.D., Medicine
University of Alabama, M.D., Medicine
University of Florida, M.D., Medicine
University of Kentucky, M.D., Medicine
University of Lübeck, M.D., Medicine (Germany)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.D., Medicine (2)
University of South Florida, M.D., Medicine
University of Texas at San Antonio, M.D., Medicine
University of Texas Southwestern, M.D., Medicine
University of Virginia, M.D., Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University, M.D., Medicine
Wake Forest University, M.D., Medicine (3)

Master's Degree Program

Boston University, M. Ed., Counselor Education
College of Charleston, M.A., History
East Carolina University, M.S., Accounting
George Washington University, M.S., Organizational Sciences
Georgetown University, M.S., Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, M.A., Christian Counseling
Harvard University, M.Arch., Architecture
Mississippi College, M.S., Biology
Trinity College Dublin, M.S., Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Studies (Ireland)
Tufts University, M.S., Animals and Public Policy
University of Basque Country, M.A., Social Communication (Spain)
University of Belgrade, M.A., Southeastern European Studies (Serbia)
University of Chicago, M.A., Middle Eastern Studies
University of Southern California, M.Acc., Accounting
University of Texas at Austin, M.A., Foreign Language Education
University of Vermont, M.Acc., Accounting
University of Virginia, M.S., Commerce
Vanderbilt University, M.Ed., Child Studies and M.S., Accounting
Virginia Commonwealth University, M.S., Biomedical Sciences
Virginia Tech, M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Wake Forest University, M.A., Management and M.S., Accounting (7)

Law Degree (J.D.) Program

Campbell University, J.D., Law
Elon University, J.D., Law (2)
Georgia State University, J.D., Law
Kaplan Law School, J.D.L, Law (England)
Mercer University, J.D., Law
Stetson University, J.D., Law
Tulane University, J.D., Law
University of Alabama, J.D., Law
University of Georgia, J.D., Law (2)
University of Southern California, J.D., Law
Wake Forest University, J.D., Law
Washington University in St. Louis, J.D., Law