Internship & Job Challenge

The Center for Career Development will launch the fifth annual Internship & Job Challenge in 2015-16. We endeavor to engage alumni, families, and friends to offer quality internship experiences and recruit seniors for full-time positions. For this year's Internship & Job Challenge, our goal is to post 350 internships and full-time jobs, as well as to raise funds for students who cannot afford to pursue unpaid, high-quality internships.  

Why the Challenge is Important

Internships allow students to explore career options, develop industry-specific skills, gain experience in a professional environment, and make valuable networking contacts. Employers agree that an internship is the single most important credential for recent college graduates to have on their resume, well beyond major or technical skills (Source: The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions. 2012. Washington, D.C.: The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public). The perfect professional complement to the strong liberal arts education that students receive at Davidson, internships play a crucial role in increasing students' ability to find full-time, career-related employment as seniors. Additionally, providing the Center for Career Development with leads on full-time positions allows our students to expand the employment options available for their launch from Davidson while connecting employers with motivated and hard working new staff members.   

Many Davidson alumni and families have been bringing their companies to recruit on campus for years. We will extend the challenge next year to recognize those efforts and encourage others to join the efforts. Alumni, families, and friends are often our eyes and ears in the field when opportunities become available, and our advocates when companies make decisions on where to recruit new employees. Participation in the challenge is important to our graduates' full-time career searches, and comes in many forms.

Contribute to the Challenge

You can contribute to the Davidson Internship and Job Challenge in any of the following ways:

  1. FIND an internship or full-time position, and help give Davidson students the best possible chance of securing it. To do this, send us pertinent details about the position and do one or both of the following:
  • Serve as a resource for students applying for the internship or position at your organization by sharing information on your experience there, reviewing application materials, and/or helping with interview prep
  • Take an active role in facilitating Davidson student applications through your organization's hiring process (this could include talking to your HR department about Davidson, interviewing on campus, or referring students for opportunities)
  1. FORM an opportunity by creating or helping to arrange an internship or full-time position specifically for a Davidson student.
  2. FUND an internship, making a gift in order to make a student's internship goals a reality.

Finding or forming an internship or full-time position does not suggest that you are guaranteeing an opportunity to a Davidson student. While we are hoping that Davidson applicants will be considered carefully through the selection process, we understand that in almost all circumstances the organization is considering applications from other students and schools as well.

We are happy to post internships and full-time positions in a variety of industries and locations. Career fields of particular interest to Davidson students include:

  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Policy, Politics, Government and Law
  • Banking and Finance
  • Management, Consulting and Human Resources
  • Healthcare, Public Health and Science/Medical Research
  • Education
  • Arts, Media, Marketing and Communications

We are currently posting internships for fall 2015 and for spring and summer 2016. We hope to post the majority of the summer 2016 opportunities before March 15, 2016.

History of the Challenge

During the 2011-12 year, the first year of the challenge, we sought to highlight 100 internships. We surpassed that goal with a total of 121 internships posted by 117 participants, resulting in 75 confirmed hires.

In 2012-13, the second year of the challenge, we aimed to highlight 125 internships. We again surpassed our goal, posting 141 internships that resulted in 97 confirmed hires.

In June 2013, the Center for Career Development received the National Association of Colleges and Employers Members' Choice Award for this program. This award was presented to a college career center that addressed a challenge, problem, or issue facing the profession with an innovative change or improvement.

In 2013-2014, the third year of the challenge, we aimed to highlight 150 internships. Once again, we surpassed our goal, posting 159 internships that resulted in 90 confirmed hires. 

In 2014-15, we set a goal of posting 250 internships and entry-level positions. We surpassed our goal, posting 313 positions, resulting in over 125 confirmed hires. We also raised approximately $81,000 for students pursuing unpaid and low-paying internships. And for the first time, the Center for Career Development used funds collected through the Internship & Job Challenge to award grants for summer internships. 45 students received a total of $109,000.

Get Involved

If you are finding or forming an internship or full-time position:
Our employer relations team is available to work with you or the recruiting coordinator at your organization to ensure that the position is advertised effectively to the Davidson student body and to answer questions.

For internships contact: Jamie Stamey, assistant director for Internships, 704-894-2678 or email
For full-time jobs contact: Jeff Kniple, associate director for Employer Relations, 704-894-2491 or email

If you have an internship or job ready to post, you can create an account and post the description on Handshake, our job and internship posting system, or email it to appropriate contact above with a basic position description (including description/duties, qualifications, time commitment and whether it is paid or unpaid (for internships), desired application materials, and application deadline). Be sure to mention that you are an alumnus/a, parent or friend of the college submitting the opportunity as part of the Davidson Internship & Job Challenge. If a description of the internship or job is online, include the link to that information. Also clarify the ways in which you can contribute (see above).

If you would like to help fund an internship:
You may help fund an internship on our Make a Gift page, selecting Internships & Fellowships.

Keep Up With This Year's Challenge

See the Internship & Job Challenge page of the Wildcat Career News blog for an updated list of this year's participants and other updates.