Job and Internship Databases

WildcatLink, Nationwide Internship Consortium (NIC) and Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) Job and Internship Databases

As the Center for Career Development's internal job and internship posting system, WildcatLink is your primary gateway to Davidson-specific career opportunities and resources. WildcatLink includes internships and job shadowing opportunities that we receive from families and friends of Davidson, alumni, and other employers who have strong interest in hiring Davidson students. In order to post your first résumé on WildcatLink, you must first submit it to our office for approval.

Access WildcatLink for the following:

  • Job, internship, and job shadowing postings (Keep an eye out for positions labeled "Alum-Referred")
  • Career Development workshops, panels, and career fairs
  • On-campus recruiting information
  • Employer information sessions
  • Direct links to NIC and LACN, additional internship databases
  • Access to NIC and LACN through WildcatLink (click on the icons after signing in)

Davidson is a member of the Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC), a consortium of 18 selective private colleges and universities (including Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago) who all add internships to the NIC database. This membership gives students access to internships posted in NIC and its partner consortium, the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN).  Access NIC and LACN through WildcatLink (click on the icons after signing in).

Access NIC and LACN for the following:

  • More internships. Approximately 5,000 internships are active in NIC and LACN at any given time.
  • Geographic diversity. There are hundreds of internships on the west coast and in major northeast urban areas.
  • Internships posted by other selective liberal arts colleges with liberal arts students' majors and interests in mind.

Why Use NIC and LACN?

As member schools are located all across the United States and have broad employer networks, NIC and LACN are useful whether you are exploring a wide variety of opportunities across the country or focusing your search on a particular geographical region. Internships posted by NIC and LACN are vetted by career staff at the selective consortium schools, so you will find a wide selection of high-quality internships in these databases.

Make the Most of WildcatLink, NIC and LACN:

  • Select your career fields of interest when building your WildcatLink profile, and update this information as your interests change. We use these lists to send out information, events, and new job and internship opportunities related to these specific career fields. Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive tailored and specific information pertaining to your area(s) of interest.
  • When applying to positions in NIC and LACN, check in with the organization before you submit an application. While most organizations with active postings are accepting applications, some may have already hired their interns. This is especially true of positions posted in NIC and LACN. If the internship was posted more than a month ago, we recommend contacting the organization to confirm that they are accepting applications before taking the time to apply. In order to see the most updated postings, we recommend sorting by Date Posted when viewing internships.
  • Don't ignore the "Job Leads" tab. The Job Leads tab contains job and internship postings that were recently active but have expired. Think of this information as a valuable source of networking content. If you see an ideal internship in the Job Leads section, take the initiative to contact the organization to express your interest and see if they will be offering similar opportunities in the future.