Georgia Justice Project

Mission of the organization

GJP defends people accused of crimes, and win or lose, stands with them while they rebuild their lives by offering free legal services coupled with a full range of social and employment services.

Typical Tasks for the Fellow

  • Helping to research and write position papers on issues relevant to GJP's work (criminal justice, re-entry, rehabilitation, state-wide policy reform, collateral consequences of an arrest or conviction, etc.).
  • Research projects regarding the collateral consequences of an arrest or conviction. This research will be in support of both GJP's Georgia policy work as well as our work with a southern collaboration that we are leading: The New Southern Strategy Coalition.
  • Research and writing to support the publications and speeches made by the executive director and other staff members.
  • Helping on the direct service side of GJP's work. For instance: client intake, criminal defense preparation, prison visitation, bi-annual community client events (July Back to School Festival and a December Christmas party for all former clients).
  • Assist in fundraising efforts. For example:Attend meetings with funders, help prepare for meetings with funders, help research national funding opportunities.

Academic/professional background

It would be helpful for the fellow to have some experience working with one or more of the following issues: poverty, policy, criminal justice, re-entry issues. Having strong writing and research skills is also important. Having exposure to the practice of law would be beneficial.

Other useful requirements

The fellow will be working with a wide array of individuals. Therefore being comfortable with a cross section of the population – particularly socio-economically – is important. As GJP's staff is small (15) and informal, the fellow should be a self-starter.