Mountain Area Health Education Center

Women's Health Advocate

The Mountain Area Health Education Center, Inc. (MAHEC) provides quality, compassionate healthcare as a foundation for training top physicians, dentists and health professionals. Established in 1974, MAHEC's mission is to train the next generation of healthcare professionals for western North Carolina (WNC) through quality healthcare, innovative education and best practice models that can be replicated nationally.

MAHEC Women's Health Team

MAHEC is committed to compassionate, high quality healthcare for woman in WNC, particularly during pregnancy. Our team of physicians, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners are an important part of the safety net for low-income pregnant women providing comprehensive prenatal, labor and delivery services. In addition, MAHEC has the only maternal fetal medicine specialists west of Charlotte offering expert medical care for women facing high risk pregnancies. The impact of our women's healthcare is significant and last year MAHEC:

  • Provided $3.2 million in healthcare for low-income women in WNC;
  • Delivered 1,676 babies, representing 44% of all babies born at Mission Hospital;
  • Performed 1,083 ob-gyn surgeries or assists for women; and
  • Completed 10,682 ultrasounds to monitor and assess high risk pregnancies.

Our medical teams are highly qualified clinicians and extremely dedicated to the women they serve. Learn more.

Impact Fellow at MAHEC

As an important provider of women's healthcare and as a leader in medical education in western North Carolina, MAHEC ObGyn is interested in strengthening our role in women's health advocacy. An Impact Fellow will work closely with the Chair of MAHEC ObGyn and MAHEC staff to:

  • Gather data to prepare an evidence driven plan articulating the healthcare needs of women,
  • Help coordinate efforts of a multi-agency Women's and Children's Safety Coalition,
  • Develop a non-partisan women's health advocacy plan,
  • Lead advocacy efforts to raise awareness of the health issues facing women in WNC, and
  • Implement communication strategies to highlight the role of MAHEC in meeting the healthcare needs of women.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Impact Fellow would report to Kellett Letson
  • Coordinate the efforts of the Women's and Children's Safety Coalition
    • Help set agendas for monthly meetings
    • Attend meetings of all three subcommittees
      • Identify and follow up on key action items from subcommittees
    • Meet with key stakeholders to facilitate ongoing participation
    • Facilitate effective public relations for the coalition

  • Develop a Non-partisan Women's Health Advocacy agenda for MAHEC and the Women of WNC
    • Research and articulate a data driven list of women's unmet health needs (possible examples Medicaid expansion, access to care, affordable child care, domestic and sexual violence, substance abuse treatment, mental health care, access to contraception and family planning)
    • Prepare and executive summary (data driven) that would lead to a consensus list of priorities

  • Develop an action plan for effective advocacy based on these priorities
    • Specific strategies
    • Specific stakeholders
    • Present action plan to
      • MAHEC Leadership
      • MAHEC Board of Directors

  • Articulate MAHEC's role in WNC
    • Provision of services
      • Compile MAHEC stories that demonstrate our role
        • This is necessary for us to have credibility in a region wide advocacy role
    • Advocacy role

  • Take Action
    • Implement strategies based on priorities and feedback from MAHEC Leadership and MAHEC Board of Directors