2014 Fellowship Opportunities

The following organizations began hosting fellows beginning in the summer of 2014. Check back in the coming weeks for the 2015 partner list.  

Annie E. Casey Foundation - Baltimore, MD

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charitable organization, dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. It was established in 1948 by Jim Casey, one of the founders of UPS, and his siblings, who named the foundation in honor of their mother.  The primary mission of the foundation is to foster public policies, human-service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families. In pursuit of this goal, the foundation makes grants that help states, cities and neighborhoods fashion more innovative, cost-effective responses to these needs.

Arts and Science Council - Charlotte, NC

The Arts and Science Council (ASC) is the community's chief advocate for arts, science, history and heritage. Through its work it serves as a gatherer and steward of public and private community resources, an investor of those resources in the cultural sector and community, and as the strategic planner for the community's cultural sector and the public art agent for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Its mission is to build appreciation, participation and support for the arts, science, history and heritage in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Catawba Lands Conservancy - Charlotte, NC

Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC) is a land trust and a nonprofit, community-based conservation organization that permanently conserves and manages land for public benefit in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina. CLC is dedicated to saving land and connecting lives to nature. CLC currently conserves a total of 162 properties and 12,453 acres of land. That land includes farmland, ecologically rich lands to protect wildlife habitat and local drinking water, and land to provide the public with a direct connection to explore the natural world around them.

Communities in Schools - Charlotte, NC

Communities In Schools is part of the national Communities In Schools network, which is the leading dropout prevention organization in the country, and the only such organization that is proven to decrease the dropout rate and increase on-time graduation rates. Communities In Schools works to surround students identified as being at risk (at risk of falling through the cracks or falling behind their peers, or even dropping out of school altogether) with a community of support.

Davidson Housing Coalition - Davidson, NC

Davidson Housing Coalition believes that Davidson's traditional mix of people in all income levels is fundamental to our community and distinguishes us as a town. The mission of Davidson Housing Coalition is to work with the larger community to preserve and create affordable housing options and to prepare families and individuals for financial stability and homeownership.

Habitat for Humanity International - Atlanta, GA

Habitat's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live, and this concept resonates throughout every program, country, and family touched by its efforts. It is known as an international non-profit leader in providing housing solutions, whether building homes in areas affected by disasters in Thailand, working with local communities to develop microsaving programs for home improvement in the Philippines, or piloting solar cookers in Central America. To date, Habitat has helped to build or repair more than 800,000 decent, affordable houses, serving more than four million people worldwide. This work could not be accomplished without an excited, dedicated, and driven base of employees, volunteers, and partner families that make up the global "Habitat family." Habitat for Humanity International will host three Davidson Impact Fellows positions in the following areas: Internal Audit, Global Learning, and Special Programs.

Mountain Area Health Education Center - Asheville, NC

The Mountain Area Health Education Center, Inc. (MAHEC) provides quality, compassionate health care as a foundation for training top physicians, dentists and health professionals. Established in 1974, MAHEC's mission is to train the next generation of health care professionals for western North Carolina through quality health care, innovative education and best practice models that can be replicated nationally.

OrthoCarolina Foundation - Charlotte, NC

The OrthoCarolina Foundation seeks to support educational programs that improve the quality of health care at multiple levels. It currently supports several ongoing educational programs: an international training fellowship, orthopedic nurse certification, an allied health scholarship, an orthopedic sports trainer education program as well as numerous community health and education initiatives. While the initial projects have been related to musculoskeletal care, the Foundation invites innovative proposals from all areas of health care education that improve the quality of health in our community and beyond.

Salzburg Global Seminar - Washington, DC

The mission of the Salzburg Global Seminar is to challenge present and future leaders to solve issues of global concern. The Salzburg Global Seminar convenes imaginative thinkers from different cultures and institutions, organizes problem-focused initiatives, supports leadership development, and engages opinion-makers through active communication networks, all in partnership with leading institutions from around the world and across different sectors of society.

Touch Foundation - New York, NY

The Touch Foundation works to bring vital health care services to the people in sub-Saharan Africa with the greatest unmet need. Touch focuses on training skilled health care workers such as physicians, nurses, lab technicians and ensuring that they are deployed to treat patients where the greatest needs exist. Touch's approach is to work within the existing system and build upon it, ensuring long-term sustainability of its impact. Since its creation in 2004, Touch Foundation has helped train 150 medical doctors and 1,300 other skilled health workers.

Sponsored Fellowships

Funding will also be available for fellowships in two specific fields. These programs will be competitive and interested students will need to identify and secure their own position in a qualifying organization. These fellowships will have a separate application process and details will be provided later in the fall semester.

The Lilly Foundation: Supports one fellowship working directly for a faith-based organization.

The Williamson Trust: Supports one fellowship working directly with LGBTQ issues.