Alenda Links Registration

Beginning in Fall 2013 students wishing to access Alenda Links will complete the following registration steps. These steps are in place to provide students with guidance on how to effectively connect with Davidson alumni and develop lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationships. 

Step 1 

Review Networking Educational Materials

Step 2 

Write and Submit Sample Networking Correspondences and Sample Questions for a Future Networking Contact

You will submit the following through our form:

  • Write a sample email that you would use to request a meeting with a Davidson alumnus/a
  • Develop five to seven questions you would ask the alumnus/a
  • Write a sample thank you email that you would send after your meeting
  • Confirm your agreement to follow the Center for Career Development Alumni Networking Policy:

I will network with alumni in a professional manner, as defined in the Center's networking guide.  I will:

    1. Ask for advice, information, and referrals; I will not ask for a job or internship.  
    2. Follow-up with a brief thank you letter or email after networking with an individual.   
    3. Not spam a contact with more than two or three e-mails or stalk with multiple phone calls. 
    4. Not ask a networking contact to mass distribute my resume.   
    5. Not share networking contacts' information with others, without permission.   

Failure to adhere to the policy may result in your removal from Alenda Links until graduation from Davidson.

Note: Examples of emails and questions may be found in the Networking Guide. Your responses will be reviewed and feedback will be provided by a Center for Career Development adviser during Step 3.

Step 3

Meet with a Career Adviser during Office Walk-In Hours for a Alenda Links Tutorial and a Discussion about Your Networking Strategy

Walk-in hours are posted on the main page of our student section. After your meeting your Alenda Links account will be activated within one business day.