The Davidson College Store is the official location for distribution of required course materials. The textbook department is located on the second floor of the College Store on Main Street.

Textbook reservations can be made online one month prior to the beginning of each semester and picked up during the first two weeks of classes.

Books, textbooks, and other course materials assigned for all courses are listed on the College Store website. Students may log into their Banner Self Service account (authentication required) and retrieve the required list of materials for their courses through the "Book Now" link or search for titles directly on the College Store website.

New and used textbooks are available for purchase and/or rental. Rental books are due back in the store no later than the last day of finals and purchased books may be sold back to the store during the Book Buy-back. Please note that all books are eligible for buyback regardless of where they were purchased. Be careful not to sell your rented books back.

The store now offers e-books on selected titles for sale and rental both in-store and online.

All textbooks may be returned for a full refund within the first week of classes. Textbooks purchased for courses subsequently dropped may be returned within the add/drop deadline.

The Davidson College Store is dedicated to making sure that course materials are affordable, accessible, and available to all students. Independently operated by Davidson College, all proceeds derived from the sale of course materials and other products sold in the store go directly to the general operating budget of the college.